Persona AI MVP


Objective: Validate the concept of AI-driven virtual constructs for matchmaking, focusing on initial user engagement and basic matchmaking effectiveness.

Core Features:

  • User Profile Input: Allow users to create profiles with basic personal information, interests, and preferences.
  • AI Agent Creation: Develop a basic AI to create virtual constructs based on user inputs.
  • Interaction Simulation: Enable virtual interactions between AI constructs, including messaging and virtual dates.
  • Compatibility Scoring: Implement a simple compatibility scoring system based on initial interactions.

Key Considerations:

User Privacy: Ensure clear communication about data usage and robust data protection measures.

Feedback Loop: Gather user feedback to refine AI constructs and improve matching algorithms. 

Scalable Infrastructure: Build a scalable backend to support growing user base and AI processing needs.

Development Timeline:

Month 1: Develop user profile input system and initial AI agent creation.

Month 2-3: Implement interaction simulation and basic compatibility scoring.

Month 3-5: Conduct beta testing, gather feedback, and refine features.

Success Metrics:

User Engagement: Number of active users and frequency of interactions.

Match Quality: User satisfaction with match quality and feedback on virtual interactions.

Retention Rate: Percentage of users returning to the app after initial use.

Next Steps:

Expand AI Capabilities: Enhance AI learning from user interactions and integrate more data sources.

Monetization Strategies: Explore subscription models and premium features based on user feedback.

Marketing: Launch targeted marketing campaigns to attract early adopters and grow the user base.