Profile 1: Busy Urban Professionals

  • Location: Major metropolitan areas

  • Interests: Career-focused, technology savvy, enjoy social events, value efficiency and convenience

  • Pain Points: Limited time for dating, difficulty finding compatible partners amidst busy schedules

  • Desires: Meaningful connections, efficient dating process, curated matches based on shared values and interests

Profile 2: Young Professionals Seeking Long-Term Relationships

  • Location: Urban or suburban areas

  • Interests: Building a career, starting a family, enjoy cultural events, value intellectual connection and shared values

  • Pain Points: Frustration with casual dating, desire for deeper compatibility, difficulty navigating initial interactions

  • Desires: Long-term relationship potential, meaningful conversations, efficient screening for compatible partners

Profile 3: Tech-Savvy Singles Open to New Experiences

  • Location: Urban areas with a strong tech scene

  • Interests: Early adopters of technology, enjoy trying new things, value innovation and creativity

  • Pain Points: Bored with traditional dating apps, seeking a more personalized and engaging experience

  • Desires: Unique dating experiences, AI-powered matchmaking, personalized recommendations and insights

Profile 4: Individuals with Specific Preferences or Lifestyles

  • Age Range: Varies depending on the specific niche (e.g., vegans, outdoor enthusiasts, pet lovers)

  • Location: Varies depending on the niche

  • Interests: Aligned with the specific niche

  • Pain Points: Difficulty finding partners who share their specific interests and lifestyle

  • Desires: Community-based dating, niche-specific matchmaking, validation and acceptance of their lifestyle choices

Additional Considerations:

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation: This will be an inclusive app for all.

Income Level: Some features or pricing models may appeal more to certain income brackets.